Rev. LeAnn Seto holds a M.Div. from Methodist Theological School in Ohio with an academic specialization in Interreligious Contexts, 2015. Her undergraduate degree in K-8 Education was obtained at the University of Michigan, 1990. She was ordained at First Congregational Church of Chelsea to offer leadership for a new way of being church together called PARABLES. This All-Abilities Inclusion Worship is for “neurotypicals” and “atypicals” who want practice loving the world in new ways through making meaningful connections with people who are differently abled or who self-identify in non-traditional ways.

“Tending to the Margins” is her theological vision of creating relationships in community where the privileged experience their full birthright as children of God through working to create room for everyone at the table, with non-violence as the means. In the Christian tradition, all people everywhere are ministers who can be attentive to Presence by “swimming in counter-cultural ways like Jesus”. Contemplative meditation gives us wisdom for the journey of swimming against the status quo, allowing God-Consciousness to increase in the world.