Beetles By and By…

I visited our son and daughter-in-law this past weekend, and in my favorite stationery store near their home, I found this new journal for myself. I recently filled my last one and was needing something new to record my musings and questions about Mystery and how it plays out in the life of this body.

You’ll notice in the picture that it’s covered in scarab beetles, a symbol of resurrection, transformation, and immortality from ancient Egypt. I love that these beetles are also known as dung beetles. They use the so called “waste” of the world to create new life. (Google them! They are fascinating!)

What do you use daily as a touchstone to remind yourself that the wholeness of your life is held in the palm of God’s hand—and that Love’s passion and belief in you will never let you go?

How do you honor that your musings and questions about Mystery and how it plays out in your life is indeed a sacred journey? What have you done today as a way to affirm the sanctity of both your deep-seated doubts and your galvanizing commitment, your screaming successes and your foolish foibles?

With reminders of your sacred worth all the way around,


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