6th Day of Being Near the Feedbox

On this 6th day of Christmas, which character are you in the birth story of Jesus?

During these 12 days of Christmas, we’re invited to consider how our understanding of Christ-ness in the world has changed over the years—within ourselves, and how we live in relationship to this Oneness that holds us and infuses us with growth, healing and transformation.

I recently asked some people this question about who they might be in the scripture, and one person replied, “Gosh, I have always just heard that story each year as a wonderful sort of fairytale, but I never really thought about me being in the story, too…” If this is the case for you, too, here’s something to talk about over dinner in the next few days!

It can be a fun and helpful reflection to consider what role we might see ourselves in this year—and how each year our response may be different, based on what is going on in our lives:

+Are you someone saying YES to God in your own special way this year—like Mary of Nazareth did?

+Are you an Elizabeth or a Joseph, offering loving support to someone taking a risk to do something courageous to make the world a better place?

+ Are you one of the shepherds, taking action and stepping out on God’s promises, looking for what new thing God is doing next?

+ Are you feeling like an Innkeeper—someone who just doesn’t want to be bothered with the challenges of birthing God into the world anew?

+ Are you like the wisemen—anticipating trouble from folks who just want to keep things safe for themselves (the King Herods), and are maybe feeling far from home, seeking something you’re not quite sure is REAL?

++ Or might you would like to create a role for yourself? The casserole maker? The one who does the laundry? The bringer of diapers, nursing pads, a blow-up mattress, and hot, running water and soap for a shower?

While Jesus is a one-and-only revelation of God who points to and opens us to an experience of Christ, each of us has a Christ-ness in us to discover and live into, as well. The sparkly colored lights hanging everywhere this time of year remind me of how sparkly it is to discover new dimensions of Christ each year within ourselves and our communities.

Blessings to you on this day—halfway to Epiphany!

Chaplain LeAnn

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